Book # 2

2 days!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! There are only two more days till the release. I am throwing a book release party over on my Facebook page and I would like to personally invite you all there. I will be revealing some tidbits from my third installment of The Redemption Series, and also giving you a glimpse… Continue reading 2 days!!!!!!!!!!

Book # 2

3 More days!!!!

Y'all there are only 3 more day until the release of Finding God's Redemption In The Midst Of Heartache!! I am finding myself getting more and more excited as the day approaches. I am currently working on my third installment of The Redemption Series, and I am so looking forward to sharing some it here… Continue reading 3 More days!!!!

Book # 2

6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there, I just wanted to stop by and start this week off with a secret!!!!! My new book is being released on May 27th, this coming Saturday!!!!!! I am so excited for my readers to continue the story of Maddie and Britt. This new book is full of heartache, pain and loss, but is… Continue reading 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!