Book # 2

2 days!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! There are only two more days till the release. I am throwing a book release party over on my Facebook page and I would like to personally invite you all there. I will be revealing some tidbits from my third installment of The Redemption Series, and also giving you a glimpse at the cover!!!!! I will leave the link to my Facebook page below. Here is another tidbit of my second book. Enjoy:

I Choose To Live

The Dr came in and asked what my decision was. I looked up at Stephen and squeezed his hand looking for courage, strength, and grace. “I have decided to start treatment, but I have a couple of conditions. First condition is you deliver this baby and give her the best fighting chance she will have. I know it will be an hard uphill climb for both of us, but I refuse to give up on my baby to save myself, and the fact that you would even ask me to consider it means you don’t know me at all. 

You can find both of my books here:

My Facebook page:


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