Book # 2

T Minus 4 Days!!!!!!!

I am probably sounding like a broken record at this point with the excitement over my next release, but I am so excited for you all to read it.


I am continuing with the tidbit’s of my next book in each post and I hope that as you read them you get a glimpse of who each of these characters are and you become more intrigued with their lives.


Momma Makes Everything Better


It was late in the evening when I finally got around to calling momma. “Hello?” “Hi Momma, how are you doing?” “Brittney? Baby Girl I am doing good, how are you?” “Momma, Stephen and I need to talk with you, and find out if you can help us. I don’t know where to start…” “Brittney, what is going on? You’re talking in riddles, and you know how I hate riddles. What do you need help with? Are you and Stephen having marital problems? Are the kids okay?” “Momma, the kids and Stephen are fine, and no, we are not having marital problems. Goodness Momma, always thinking the worst, when there isn’t anything wrong. Well that isn’t entirely true, but it doesn’t have anything to do with my marriage or the kids. Momma, I am pregnant.” “Oh Brittney that is amazing, congrats, baby girl. How far along are you? Is it a boy or a girl? Why do you sound so heartbroken?”


You can find my both of my books on amazon. You can find the links below:


I hope you have a blessed day!



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