Book # 2

6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello there,

I just wanted to stop by and start this week off with a secret!!!!! My new book is being released on May 27th, this coming Saturday!!!!!! I am so excited for my readers to continue the story of Maddie and Britt. This new book is full of heartache, pain and loss, but is also full of God’s amazing grace and love.  I am so excited to share it with you!!!!!!! I will leaving a little excerpt each day from the book, leading up to the release! So check back to get a taste of what Finding God’s Redemption In The Midst Of Heartache is really about.


The Appointment



The Doctor walked in and sat down after shaking mine and Stephen’s hands “Hello Stephen and Brittney, I have your test results here. I have to be honest they aren’t what I was expecting. Your biopsy shows cancerous cells in the mass, and they are growing rapidly. We need to start treatment as soon as possible, and we will need to discuss what this will do to your pregnancy. The best option for this type of aggressive cancer is to do a complete hysterectomy, but because of your pregnancy, we will need to discuss all of your options.” He went on to explain what my other options were, which did nothing to calm my heart and my mind. How did you choose to give up on your child’s life and choose your own over it? I couldn’t wrap my head around what I was being told. I have cancer, it is aggressive, and I am 4 months pregnant, I have to choose which life means more.


I will leave the link below to find this book.


Thank you for stopping by 🙂



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